There are always new developments in the pipeline.


We have recently purchased a new Retinal Camera which is used to take photographs of the back of the eye. This allows a more thorough examination of some of the structures of the eye. Comparison of a series of photographs over time can help to identify changes in the health of the eyes.


We can now offer Coloured Overlay assessments. This is a part of testing the visual aspects of Dyslexia


We will be happy to discuss with you the latest lens types and spectacle fashions.

We can give advice on Contact lenses and new solution regimes to care for them. For example you can now have contact lenses that you wear while you sleep so that you can see well during the day. This is called Orthokeratology.

Our optometrists are regularly involved in Continuing Professional Development to ensure they are aware of the most up-to-date views and information in the field of eye-care.

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