Eyecare for all.

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Well equipped and air-conditioned consulting rooms are a feature of the practice

Many of us think to have our teeth checked and those of our children, yet we forget to have regular checks on our eyesight and the health of our eyes.

There is far more to an eye examination than simply checking whether spectacles are needed. The eye can be an indicator of general health issues. For example, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and many  other health problems can be detected in an eye examination.


There is a children’s play area to help provide a relaxed atmosphere for families

For children we recommend a routine examination every 12 months unless otherwise advised. During adulthood the normal interval is 2 years but once over the age of 60 or with  certain medical conditions or family eye problems,there may be a need for more frequent examinations. Your Optometrist will advise you.

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